How to spy on my girlfriends phone

Just Download and Install

Spy apps record all the activity happening on the device and share it with you. We recommend getting Spyic for Android or iOS. It gives you periodic updates, so you get to see new messages activity as it happens. Every message has a timestamp. Who has your girlfriend been in touch with lately? Is it someone you know or a suspicious stranger?

If your girlfriend is cheating on you, she might be sending out private pictures of herself to someone. Spyic can capture all media files being sent out or received on the device. This includes her Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more! Also Read: How to hack a phone with just the number. Of course, your girlfriend might know you suspect her of cheating. She may be hiding her illicit behavior from you by deleting all incriminating text messages. Once you set it up to work with the target phone or tablet, the app will backup messages to the server as they happen.

That means that even if your girlfriend deletes some incriminating texts, the backup will still be available to you.

Step 1: Sign up for a Spyic account on the official website. Your email becomes your username. Step 2: Purchase a Spyic monthly plan.

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A Premium plan allows you to monitor one device, while a Family plan is suitable for multiple devices. Step 3: Choose the target platform: Android or iOS.

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Then follow the provided setup instructions. For iOS, Spyic can be set up remotely. Step 4: Spyic should be installed in 5 minutes. After it syncs up with the target phone or tablet, you will get access to the Spyic dashboard. Most spy apps in the market require you to root or jailbreak the target device to be able to monitor it. Spyic, however, was made with bleeding-edge technology. It works without jailbreak or root — and offers more features than other spy apps to boot!

As a final safety fallback, you can even uninstall Spyic remotely in a single click from the dashboard. The Android version of Spyic is a very small app at less than 2MBs. It works in the background without draining the battery or slowing down the phone in any way. The app icon remains hidden, making it essentially invisible.

Click or tap here to download the technology contract for parents and children. Ideally, you want to be able to peek in on what your children are doing no matter where they are. We've found one that's free and works on up to five phones, so you can keep tabs on all your kids or grandkids. The free app is called Phone Tracker from Spy Phone Labs, and it gives you detailed information about any phone or tablet you put it on. We have a link for you to download it later in this post. The Phone Tracker app uses GPS to track a phone's location, gives you a full log of all calls sent and received, and even shows you text messages and web activity.

How I can intercept my girlfriend’s messages without touching her smartphone?

This information is available online after you create a free account. Not bad for a free app that isn't too difficult to install. Once it's installed, open the app, set up an account name and password, give the phone a nickname and you're done. Give it about 30 minutes after installing the app for the data to start appearing.

How to Track My Girlfriend Phone Location?

Phone Tracker is free and has versions available for both Android and Apple. However, installing spy apps on iOS is no picnic. To get around legal problems, Phone Tracker puts an icon on the gadget's home screen and fires off a notification every 12 hours telling the person they're being monitored. That's actually a good thing in most situations, but kids are resourceful. If they know they're being watched, they can find ways around the app. So, either tell them you're putting it on there and you expect them to leave it alone or go for a paid app that's completely hidden.

To install the app, you will need access to the phone or tablet.

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Tap or click here to download the free app for iOS. Tap or click here to download the free app for Android. Not ready to install a new app? Here's a simple way to track a phone's location, no download required. In the upper-right corner, touch the " Information " icon, which looks like a lowercase I. Tap " Send My Current Location " to instantly send a map of the phone's current location, one time only.

Or just below it, hit " Share My Location ," which will continuously send the phone's location to your Apple gadget. To see the phone's location, go to your Messages app and find your child's contact.

spy on my girlfriends phone

Tap the " Information " icon and a map will display the phone's location. Note that your child can easily turn off this location sharing anytime, but perhaps a firm conversation about the consequences of doing so might encourage him or her to leave it on.

Top 3 Girlfriend Phone Tracker Apps for iOS and Android

Note : These features will also work for your Apple gadgets that are running older iOS versions. Want to track your child's Android device? Click or tap here to learn how. Tired of social media platforms selling your personal information?