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Therefore this article will walk you through the essential steps that you need to take in order to keep tabs on your children. Follow along to know the countermeasures! And do keep them away from sexting, cyber bullying, alcoholic and drug abuse and from other nasty scenarios with the aid and abet of the monitoring software.

Want to spy on someone’s Viber? You can EASILY do it, here’s how!

Below listed are the features served by a spy software through which you can track all the phone actions of the marked person. The Android users need to undergo the Rooting process to get served with the Viber Spying feature. And the Apple lovers require to Jailbreak their iPhones. After you liberate your respective smartphones from the clutches of the manufacturer, now its time to hand pick the spy software to monitor your target user.


With the multiple available software in the online market it becomes burdensome to select the one for yourself. So, here we recommend the best ones for your needs and requirements.

All these three monitoring software can track the viber chats and phone call logs in the textual format. The accumulated spy log gets uploaded on the control panel of the website. Again, please try out Spyzie first.

It is a safer and more efficient solution and is overall the easier option. Important Note! All it does is send logs of the Viber messages to the associated email address. By signing into their email account, you can locate the most recent email from Viber and restore the chat messages to your own device.

Alternatively, you can read the raw format this can be difficult to read. Thus we recommend restoring.

Want to spy on someone’s Viber? You can EASILY do it, here’s how! – Cell phone tracker

The main thing is keylogging. Keylogging software is programmed to track all user input. This includes the text messages that they send, the passwords they enter, and pretty much all of their activity. Advanced programmers will be able to create a keylogger of their own, but you can purchase them online. Now, as great as this sounds, it is not something we condone. Keylogging is considered as malicious hacking, and as everyone has the right to privacy, we suggest using Spyzie.

Remember that the internet is a dangerous place and with an extra pair of eyes watching over them, your children will be as safe as possible. Spyzie , provides you with everything you need for spying. So, what are you waiting for? Install Spyzie, spy Viber messages, and ensure the safety of your children.

It is possible to read Viber messages from another phone?

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Spy on Viber with these 3 Easy and Effective Ways

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How to spy on Viber